Monday, October 03, 2005
  "Blue" Monday
WTF? My site is blue and my links are gone. Effin' Chuck Norris. And you're not my boy, blue. Rats.

We'll fix this momentarily, onto this morning's (lack of) intelligence...
* Bali concludes that the latest bombing is linked to al-Queda. Wow.

This just in, smoking is linked to lung cancer.
* Chicago is close to MKE. And you know what's in Chicago for two nights only, starting on Tuesday...
* From Tom E. Curran's article in Projo:
"One after the other, sweaty, smiling members of the San Diego Chargers walked through the massive concrete artery that leads to the visitors locker room in Gillette Stadium. As they walked, tearing grass-stained tape from their hands, they gloated aloud about their just-finished, 41-17 hammering of the New England Patriots.

"That's a [butt]-whipping," said defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

"21-1, now," tackle Leander Jordan announced, referring to the Patriots' punctured 21-game home winning streak.

"[Bleep] New England and their team," suggested cornerback Drayton Florence. Florence then said to the collection of onlookers in the hallway. "Get the look of shock off your faces. Don't be shocked. We beat your [butt]."

I believe Ron Burgandy said it best.

Stay classy. Act like you've done it before. And take a picture. It ain't happening again.
* By the way Charger faithful, come playoff time, Marty Schottenheimer turns into someone who should be riding on the short bus. Beep beep!
* Tigers fire Alan Trammell. Hmmmm. Talk about a guy who never had a chance.
* Memo to jackass bandit t-shirt vendors in the Bronx: if you want to make a few bucks on your warehouses of "1918" t-shirts and hats, silk screen a "7" over the "8" and ship them to Yawkey Way.
* I'm giving myself the pat on the back, as I've been telling everyone, for the last 10 days or so, that the Indians would play themselves out of the race. Something about them being able to mashup on the Twins in early Sept. and not put away other teams made me believe that their young team would implode. They didn't have anyone on their roster with a significant playoff
resume. And if you say Aaron Boone, you lose a finger.

Not to say they're not talented. Not to say they won't be there come next year or so. Imagine if they did something crazy and picked up AJ Burnett? But the bottom line is this: the Injuns won a four-game series at Kansas City (the worst team in baseball) in unspectacular fashion, before dropping two of three at Tampa Bay (admittedly better than their record, but still DFL in the AL East), and then absolutely tanked against the Chi-Sox in the final weekend. That also coming with the Chi-Sox sporting a 2/3 Grapefruit League lineup and - as I fire the first shot of the 2005 ALDS - THE MOST OVERRATED MANAGER IN BASEBALL NOT NAMED JOE.

Rumors have the other shortstop-playing Ozzie giving the Indians and their mascot the choke sign.

I reiterate: act like you've been there. Scumbag.
* And how about the new hometown team??? LOSERS NO MORE!
* It's a feeling, not anything poured in concrete or carved in stone. Just a hunch...Schilling is back. Not 2004 back. Not 2001 back. But back enough to get wins. Back enough to give seven solid, if not spectacular, innings per outing. Back enough to hand the game to Bradford/Myers/Papelbon/Timlin in a good position. The next 11 games will prove to be a test, but I did have the hunch about the Injuns...

And if you ask all my ex-girlfriends, I'm usually always right.
* Someone please...PLEASE...pony up the cash for free booze, blackjack and strippers at Foxwoods for Sox home playoff games. I can't stand to see Ben Affleck in good seats at Fenway.
* Buck Showalter's the manager and he can do what he wants to...

But if the game is played with unwritten rules like not stealing bases with eight-run leads late in the game, or no bunting for a basehit in a no-hitter/perfect game, then the "integrity of the game" needs to be enforced. According to those mouthpieces of the game, Derek Jeter "play the game right" by hustling and doing all those little things, blah blah blah. Manny Ramirez,
according to those same people, does not "play the game right" because he doesn't run out routine 6-3 groundouts and likes to watch his home runs go really, really far.

The problem is, who enforces it? Who enforces the unwritten rules?

Can it be left to the people who can most directly affect the outcome? That's pure democracy, but without getting Karl Marx on your azz, pure democracy is the most inefficient form of governing. But it would also put the power of the people - in this case, the players and managers - and the will of the majority in play.

Golf is a sport that governs itself on integrity, honesty, and playing the game according to a bevy of written and unwritten rules. What's the difference? The individual vs. the team.

So there will be these Buck Showalter episodes that will get other crusty sportswriters and baseball purists' panties in a bunch. It will irk those who it directly (or indirectly) affects. And there will be the Ozzie Guillen-flashing the choke sign to Indians fans. That's "not playing the game" right. Right?

There is no answer. Why? Because it's "not illegal." Which, not surprisingly, is the same excuse used for players who used steroids - andro, HGH - in the past.
* How long till Millar does or says something stupid? He's like that weird uncle that always shows up too early and stays too late at the Family Reunion.
* Georgie Best - the former soccer great that Paul Weller and The Jam wrote the all-time classic "To Be Someone" about - is hospitalized. IMHO, it's one of the best songs of all time and one of the few to be covered successfully by a modern band (Oasis).
That's about it for now. Check in with y'all later on.

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