Monday, October 31, 2005
  Six Days of Separation
Here's today's stuff.

Been getting frustrated with the lack of promptness that MKE Time-Warner Cable has displayed in getting me a high-speed internet account in the dee-luxe apartment. Sure, I could go across the street to the office, but c'mon... Can't blog, rocking the sleep pants and black socks in the office.

So here's today stuff:


Did the two-time defending World Champions win because of him? No, not directly.

But they did win because his presence put others back in their normal - or close to their normal - positions on the field.

Tom Curran of the ProJo explained: "The Patriots' linebacker alignment was completely revamped last night. Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel started inside in place of Chad Brown and Monty Beisel. For Vrabel, it was his second start in a row at inside linebacker after having not played there previously for the Pats. Rosevelt Colvin and Willie McGinest got the start at outside linebacker."

Things like that helped to set up a Rosey Colvin strip-sack.
Speaking of strips and sacks, WTF is an "unnatural act" on defense?

More from Curran: "The Patriots had the Bills facing a third-and-4 at the New England 45 when the Pats were called for a procedure penalty. The Patriots, according to the call by
referee Ron Winter, performed an "unnatural act" defensively

What happened, did they sub in Robert Elkin for a set?
Well, well, well. No Arabian horse breeders, no longtime pals, no former employees of his Daddy.

This time W actually nominated someone with experience. As the last Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers, was slightly less qualified than say, me....the new guy, Samuel Alito, at least has being a judge and stuff on his C.V.

As for the "well, is he conservative or liberal?" scrums, let that be an indictment of the W presidency (lower-case p duly noted). With his idiocy and foibles, his lies and ill-choices, he's made us all yearn for mediocrity and "settle" for the replacement when the original parts were
too flawed to function (see also: Brown, Michael.)
Great, Theo got his deal.

Two trains of thought here, both with merit, both accurate.

One, Theo was a young kid - the youngest in the biz - and got a break to be the G.M. for the best team in baseball. He got a pittance for pay, but that was because they had a bunch of
other guys in there as consultants - from Mike Port to Bill LaJoie to Jeremy Kapstein. From 350k to 850k - the initial Sox offer in the re-negotiations - guess what, that's more than doubling your pay. In any business, I don't care what you do, if you want a raise, you never get more than double. So Theo should've been happy.

OTOH, Theo did something that no G.M. since 1918 did. That's pretty notable and, around those parts, you reward such an accomplishment with a lifetime pass. You enter the "Never having to buy a beer in Boston" club. That's a pretty special place. The job he did rivaled the best in the business, the best in baseball history. He should be paid accordingly.

And OTOOH, I'm tired of the Manny talk. I've been a Manny supporter all along. But congrats Larry and Dr. Charles, you've beaten me into submission. Good luck with the impending trade, the drought in runs scored, and the new team record for IBB in '06.

If it's the Angels, and they can get Ervin Santana and Darin Erstad, I'd be pleased. If it's the Mets, they don't have anything worth buying. If it's the Dodgers, I might officially switch to the Brewers.
The National/White House press corps keep talking about "Scooter" getting indicted, and thanks to the good folks at Fox, all I can think of is that effing talking baseball.

"Hey, it's Scooter. Today, instead of talking about the slider, I'm going to teach you kids how to blow the cover of one of the nation's top clandestine agents, in the field of weapons of mass destruction..."
People in these parts are making a big deal how the Packers suck, about Brett Favrererer should retire, and his record five interceptions yesterday against the Bengals.

But in reality, Favrererer had six takeaways yesterday - the five picks, plus the one ball that he coughed up to the fan who ran onto the field.

If you haven't seen this clip, it's comical. Hi-larious, even. The guy (wearing an orange t-shirt) apparently leaped nine feet from the stands, ran the whole way through the Packer bench, onto the field, into the Green Bay huddle, and then snatched the ball from wicked awesome #4, and ran down the sideline.

By some accounts, the fan made a great move around the 20, dekeing two officials who attempted to tackle him, before getting throttled on the goal line. Replays to ascertain whether or not he crossed the goal line were inconclusive.

The only thing that the fan needed to make it priceless was a "King" outfit, from the B.K. Lounge.
New Jersey is changing its motto from "The Garden State."

The lovely Tina Fey and the wonderful Amy Poehler, of SNL's Weekend Update had a good suggestion- New Jersey: Who Farted?

But in reality, they spent almost a quarter-of-a-million bucks to "rebrand" the Sewage State, and came up with "New Jersey, We'll Win you Over."

This is what acting Gov. Richard Codey had to say: "It starts with a negative connotation. It kind of reminds me when I was single and I asked a girl out. She said no. I said, 'Go out with me one time, I think I can win you over.' "

Well, the slogan and the state might suck, but at least NJ residents can be happy about one thing: this Governor likes girls.
My entry for the slogan?

"New Jersey: Only Two Hours To Delaware."
Speaking of Rosey the middle of his interview with Dale and Holley on WEEI this morning, he hocked a loogy.

Not one to let it pass, as the entire Patriot Nation audience got to hear his phlegmatic fortunes, Colvin apologized for his "snot."

Great. What's the over/under on snarked up Cheerios?
Another update on accused Australian drug smuggler, Schapelle Corby.

You just get the feeling that, no matter what, the Indonesian courts aren't going to relent. Even, the more that Corby takes them on, the more they'll dig their heels into the sand.

Oh well. The lesson for the day: don't honeymoon in Bali, T.P.
That's it from me. Have a good, and hopefully not Manic, Monday.

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